Alex Metcalf
Your Maître D' of Customer Experience

Bringing it all together online.

Bringing it all together online.

Imagine a tattered carpet corner at the front entrance to your flagship hotel.

First impressions count, and this issue would be a stain on your hotel’s reputation. Clients would notice instantly; staff would be aghast, racing to address the situation. The carpet would be replaced immediately.

And yet we unwittingly ignore similar issues with our business’s online presence, because the invisible nature of the Internet naturally puts distance between ourselves and the customer's experience. Put another way, most people are understandably ill-equipped to notice their tattered carpet corners online, let alone know how best to fix them.

The impact is extraordinary. Businesses worldwide measurably depress their customer satisfaction scores and leave billions on the table by providing sub-par online experiences to their customers and clients. In our modern era of global competition and accelerated business disruption, this isn't acceptable.

You need an expert to review your online presence, quickly and competently, and direct you in practical changes to achieve experience excellence. This expert must be a navigator who understands the murky waters of online behaviour psychology, and also a clear communicator for describing it all in a way you understand. Someone who comes in for targeted consulting, and leaves your teams strategically empowered by the findings—and with clear practical steps to take.

This is my life’s work. For over 20 years I’ve directed market-leading clients in delivering high-end online experiences. I’ve conducted thousands of research projects and website testing sessions so you don’t have to: there are patterns behind all online experience issues, and I’ve honed that insight, so you simply enjoy the benefits. Together we focus on what’s not working for you online, and how to fix it as soon as humanly possible.

We will elevate your customers' experience to a level worthy of your business’s aspirations.

Alex Metcalf, Customer Experience (CX) Consultant

Alex Metcalf
Customer Experience Consultant

From Prime Ministers' Offices to multinationals such as Liberty Global, the world's largest international TV and broadband company, Alex directs aspirational clients towards online excellence.

With two Masters degrees in computing and psychology, and 20 years' consulting experience, he quickly identifies and remedies online experience issues that are costing companies time, money, and brand loyalty.

Previously Alex was an award-winning software developer and website pioneer, and an award-winning sales engineer at Sun Microsystems.

Alex works worldwide from his family home in the mountains of BC, Canada.

"Highly rated and very personable UX expert"
- Alun David, Project and Programme Manager

"Wise, down to earth, creative, practical, personable, and great fun to work with"
- Frances Campbell, Consultant & Information Architect

"That rare combination of strong technical skills and knowledge, while being an excellent communicator"
- Maria Archer Taylor, Director and Communications Manager

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+1-250-882-4392 (Pacific)